Like a magpie navigating the landscape, Canadian singer-songwriter Ben Edwards focuses on sharing lyrical realism directed through a conduit of expansive, melodic vocals and raw, unhinged guitar playing.  

Edwards has a sound that combines early influences of classic rock, folk and country, with a love of 90's rock and world music. Being a live musician on the east coast of Canada for nearly a decade, Ben has had the opportunity to share the stage with a slew of well known Eastern Canadian acts. 
He has released several projects to date. In 2012 as a singer/guitar player with blues rock band Black Rock Road, a four song EP was released. After several years, he branched off on his own in 2014 to release his first solo offering, a six song project called 'Bright Light Catastrophe'.  

2018 will see the release of 'Self Titled', the second album under his own name. It's a small collection of both observational, and heartfelt songs. A thought provoking exposé of the world around him. 

Currently based in Toronto, Ontario, Edwards grew up in rural Nova Scotia.